• PREMIERE: May 18th 2022

  • VENUE: Palau de les Arts, València

  • KIND: Indoor Show

  • DURATION: Duration 75′

Titanas is an encounter between Sol Picó, Natsuki y Charlotta Öfverholm, three dancers and choreographers with different journey and influences that come together in the same point of the road, with years of experience and a strong career on their shoulders. It is a show with no traditional lighting, where the spectacular visual projections created live by Milosh Luczynski bring all the light through an innovative scenography and narration.

Wrapped up by the music of Judit Farrés and voices of twelve women chorus, these really powerful, optimistic and euphoric triangle of fighting goddesses, are reborn creating a new and ideal universe, magnificent and utopic, with no rules to follow nor to fit in any specific given characters.


  • Choreography, direction and interpretation: Charlotta Öfverholm, Natsuki, Sol Picó
  • Musical composition and direction: Judit Farrés.
  • Video: Milosh Luczynski
  • Vocal interpretation: Chorus of la Generalitat Valenciana
  • Chorus direction: Jordi Blanch
  • Choreography and direction assistance: Encarni Sánchez 
  • General assistance: Vicens Mayans
  • Technical coordination: Joan Manrique
  • Production: Nuria Aguiló, Pia Mazuela.
  • Artistic assistance and production: Izabel Makiela, Rocia Gisbert, Tatiana Bequin
  • Costumes: Kova Loka & La Divina
  • Promotion video and Photography: Fabian Kriese
  • Texts: Ajo
  • Co-produced by Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía de Valencia, Mercat de les Flors, Sol Picó dance Company, Natsuki & LÚniverselle Illustrée Compagnie/ France y Charlotta Ofverholm
  • With collaboration of Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat Valenciana.
  • With collaboration of MIAM Museu Immaterial de les Arts del Moviment a La Bisbal d´Empordá.
  • Greetings: Elene Espejo, Viviane Calvitti, Ana Mollor, Maria Roca, Matthieu Terciaux, Cristophe Tostain, Jordi Pau, Gemma Pujol, Magda Puyo, Alba Vilabertran.


“A strong wind of energy, rhythm and freedom shakes through the city stages these days. Four women creators present at Les Arts a live dance and music piece full of conceptual and visual inspiration. The stars of Titanas (…), women over fifty that keep active in a full performance, adjusted to their fit present condition. (…)

And special mention for the 4th titan, Judit Farrés, responsible for a very explosive musical proposal that flows along the play, growing from big intensity to a soft clarinet tone.

What is Titanas but an alliance of three strong women with the aim to deliver a great show?

(…)  They all keep in their bodies the memory of what they lived and danced. You don´t see their faces, their bodies speak.”

ESTELLER, SARA, 2022, Un ritual liberador, Levante, https://www.levante-emv.com/cultura/2022/05/19/ritual-liberador-662