Sol Picó is a professional contemporary dance company founded in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Sol Picó (Alcoy,Alicante), which gives the name to the company. From the beginning, her work is part of a line of mixing different genres, where they interact. Her matured technique allied strength, accuracy and dynamics, supporting the organic treatment of their creations. Constantly energized by the humor, their works have an own style without concessions or instruction manual. What seemed like a challenge has become a dynamic working. What seemed like a risky and unsustainable proposal has become the raw material of their proposals.

Sol Picó builds bridges between opposing worlds matching seemingly irreconcilable elements: flamenco dancing with tips, ensuring their warriors costumes female archetypes or the volume of the organic scenery cohabiting with their work. The music of her shows is another tool used to enhance the mix of styles, being risky by some arrangements or by live items printed in our memory.

The transformation of everyday space into an extraordinary landscape, both in their street performances as in indoor performances, is never what we expect and always goes beyond what we can cope. The component of ubiquitous festivity, sparking differently depending on the productions, just always convey a sense of spontaneity and that thanks to the mastery of her impeccable technique.

In all his creations, Sol Picó uses elements of popular culture, building an iconography, where cultural references are part of our personal history. Her proposal offers a clear example of the relationship between myth and memory, both individually and collectively.

And Sol Picó gives us the opportunity to live it. Live from the inside through the emotion. More experience than narrative. More experience representation. A catharsis.

Catherine Amette, Pia Mazuela


  • 2022 Joan Valls i Jordà Award for Use and promotion of Catalan
  • 2022 Prize of the Critic Serra d’Or of Performing Arts to the best interpreter for MALDITAS PLUMAS
  • 2021 Special Mention – Online Call 2021 TERRITORIO VIOLETA FESTIVAL for the show MALDITAS PLUMAS
  • 2021 City of Cazorla Award
  • 2020 Creu de Sant Jordi (St Jorge’s Cross)
  • 2019 Special Mention VIOLETA TERRITORY FESTIVAL to the show ANIMAL DE SÉQUIA
  • 2019 Award of Arts Escèniques Valencianes to Best choreographical direction for Animal de Séquia
  • 2019 Award 9 d’Octubre al Mèrit Cultural de la Generalitat Valenciana
  • 2019 Award to the professioao carree by the Associació de Professionals de la Dansa Comunitat Valenciana
  • 2018 Award from the Col·legi d’Agents Comercials d’Alcoi (COAC)
  • 2018 Award 9 d’Octubre of the Culture Council of Alcoi
  • 2018 Award Festival Territorio Violeta for the show Dancing with frogs
  • 2017 Award Llorer d’Or of the Alicante’s University
  • 2017 MadWomen Award 2017 in Dance
  • 2016 National Dance Award in category of Creation
  • 2014 Award Ciutat de Barcelona, category Dance
  • 2012 Award by the RTVE Program Continuarà
  • 2011 MAX Award for the Best Choreography for El Ball
  • 2011 MAX Award for the Best Dance Interpreter for El Ball
  • 2010 Guest of honour Award from the Gastronomic Association Parlant i Menjant
  • 2010 MAX Award for the Best Choreography for El Llac de les Mosques
  • 2009 MAX Award for the Best Dance Show for Sirena a la Plancha
  • 2009 Award for the Best Dance Show in Huesca 23rd International Theatre and Dance Festival for El llac de les Mosques
  • 2009 PUF street performance – 15th International Festival award for Sirena a la Plancha in Pula, Croatia.
  • 2009 FAD Sebastià Gasch Award for El Llac de les Mosques
  • 2008 Awarded La Peladilla d’Or d’Alcoy
  • 2007 La Cartelera Turia Award
  • 2006 PUF street performance 12th International Festival Award for La Divadivina and El hombre Bala in Pula, Croatia.
  • 2006 MAX Award for the Best Choreography for Paella mixta.
  • 2005 National Dance Award of Catalonia
  • 2004 National Dance Award of the Regional Government of Catalonia for La Dona Manca o Barbi-Superestar
  • 2004 2 MAX Awards for the Best Choreography and Best Dance Show for La Dona Manca o Barbi-Superestar.
  • 2004 Butaca Award 2004 to the Best Dance Show for La Dona Manca o Barbi-Superestar
  • 2004 Tarragona Audience Award for the Best Dance Show for Bésame el Cactus
  • 2003 MAX Award to the Best Dace Show for Bésame el Cactus
  • 2003 3 Performing Arts Awards 2002 from the Generalitat Valenciana for Best Dance Performer, Best Choreographic Direction and Best Dance Show, for BÉSAME EL CACTUS
  • 2002 2 MAX Performing Arts Awards for Best Choreography and Best Female Dance Performer for BÉSAME EL CACTUS.
  • 2002 Distinguished BÉSAME EL CACTUS with « Applaudment of the Sebastià Gasch Prize for Arts Parateatrals / FAD »
  • 2002 Valencia Critics Award 2002, for BÉSAME EL CACTUS
  • 2002 Butaca Award for Best Dance Show 2002 for BÉSAME EL CACTUS

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“At the age of six I began my passion for dance in my beloved Alcoy. I obtain the diploma in classical and Spanish dance at the same time but I soon discover the world of contemporary dance in which I deepen and investigate between Barcelona, Paris and New York, key cities in my professional, but above all personal learning. Through research and the mixture of different genres and elements, such as classical and flamenco, I have developed a flamenco with tips that, without intending to, has become my personal stamp that some call “a language of its own”.

I find the inspiration to create in daily life, everything makes me curious and it is a possible starting point for a first improvisation: topics such as gender, immigration, failure, power or human experiences such as fear, love and heartbreak.

Throughout my career I have created more than 30 shows, which combine theater with large street productions in which I include elements as urban as bulldozers, easy to find anywhere and that have allowed me to travel the world . With my great team of technical professionals and dancers, I have traveled to more than 40 countries, which has given me great moments of artistic and personal happiness. The creative facet is also nourished by the pedagogical one: the workshops given in places such as the Carlos III University, the National Academy of Dance in Rome, as well as Superior Dance Conservatories have offered me important experiences as a teacher.

A trickle of awards since 2002, with 10 MAX awards for the Performing Arts, audience awards and the National Dance Award from the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Culture, have meant great recognition of my work and my dedication to this profession.

A luxury of life.”

Sol Picó

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La Piconera La Piconera is the headquarters of the Sol Picó Professional Contemporary Dance Company, which has three clearly differentiated spaces: a storage area, two offices and two rehearsal rooms. It is a unique space, in operation since 2007, located in the heart of what is known as Theatre city in Barcelona. It has two rehearsal rooms: one of 120 m2 and 5 m high and another of 70m2. Both spaces are diaphanous with wooden and linoleum floors and sound equipment, and are enabled to host dance rehearsals, theater, castings, or function as sets for filming or photo sessions. La Piconera also has two changing rooms, showers and a small space fitted out as a kitchen and rest area.

La Piconera aims to be a nearby place for dance professionals. The Sol Picó company manages the space as a meeting and artistic exchange place, a creative space whose use is not only limited to the needs of the company but also open to creators interested in working in this territory.” La Fura dels Baus”, “Mr. Serrano”, “La Viuda”, “La Intrusa” or “La Veronal” are some of the artists and companies that have made use of our facilities. Recently La Piconera shares the space with the Roseland company and with La Veronal.

On the other hand, La Piconera has a stable activity dedicated to promoting contemporary dance, with classes for both adults and children from 4 years old.

All the activities as well as the information on the rental of the spaces can be consulted on thePiconera website or by writing to

At La Piconera we also have an artistic residency program for emerging creators in the city. More information here .

La Piconera Website