The company will inaugurate the Tarragona International Theater Festival on August 31 with its latest production “Titanas, the art of encounter”. This time there will be the collaboration of twelve singers from the Rovira i Virgili University Choir, who have been rehearsing with the company in the months of July and August. The FITT, which kicks off with many tickets sold and with tickets practically sold out for the inaugural performance, presents shows of international scope that explore new ways of connecting with the public.

This show co-produced by the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, where it premiered on May 18 with the participation of the Generalitat Valenciana Choir, is a meeting of Sol Picó, Natsuki and Charlotta Öfverholm, three dancers and choreographers with influences and backgrounds absolutely disparate that now converge at the same point of the road. With three vertices of a magic triangle, their meeting creates a space of total freedom where everything is possible. The purest, wildest and most genuine energies and forces emerge, identities fade, skins are exchanged and a dialogue begins between the multiplicity of entities that fight inside us to overflow. Surrounded by music composed and performed by the fourth titana, Judit Farrés, and with an impressive visual space created by the video artist Milosh Luczynski, the company presents a different and spectacular work where the projections of the three screens are integrated as one more dimension to the body of each dancer, dispensing with all traditional lighting.

Titanas can also be seen at the Temporada Alta Festival, on October 14 at the Principal theater in Girona.