Sol Picó is part of the artistic team of the Moriu-vos show, of the Cultura i Conflicte Collective, as choreographic and movement director. This collective is formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who believes in the capacity of culture as a motor for dialogue and reflection and as a tool for social transformation and which raises proposals in the field of performing arts, audiovisual, photography and journalism , based on a joint research project.

In this last work, Moriu-vos uses real experience and testimonies to build a show that uses several scenic languages. On this occasion to talk about old age, about old age, which is also about talking about the past and memory. To speak of older people is to speak of loneliness, of residences, of medication, of physical and mental deterioration, of non-productivity, of feeling worthless or of care, but it is also to speak of rebellion, of memory, of forms of evasion, of fantasy , of memories… In the end, speaking of the old, we also speak of ourselves. The investigation is transformed into action on stage to transit those topics dearly ignored as society. A group of dancers and performers of different ages challenge us through their bodies under the choreographic direction of Sol Picó and the stage direction of Joan Arqué.

The show will premiere at the Temporada Alta festival next November 11 and can also be seen at TNC from 11/17/2022 to 12/11/2022.