Red Room by Sol Picó is a show that investigates prostitution through disciplines such as dance, audiovisual and theatre. And it does so based on a previous documentary, Nues, in which Susanna Barranco analyzed sex work from a gender perspective and through interviews with workers in the field and groups and people with diverse positions. In 2018, the documentary received a special mention from the Josep Maria Planes journalism research award.

In Red Room, the dancer Sol Picó and Susanna Barranco co-direct a multifaceted and transversal show in which they will use theater and dance to explain the reality and diversity of the groups of sex workers, to talk about the positions of the legalizing and abolitionist platforms, to deal with the idea of ​​the body as an object and source of desire or looking for the red lines of the sex industry.

Red Room will premiere next December 6 at El Canal de Salt, as part of the Temporada Alta Festival.