• PREMIERE: May 31th 2014

  • VENUE: Mostra d’Alcoi

  • KIND: Indoor show

  • DURATION: Duration 60′

To mark the 20th anniversary of the company, Sol Picó wants to make a brief review of the highlights of her career presenting a solo built with iconic pieces of the most representative works of her career. The result will be a party and as such will not lack neither wine nor ham for everyone.

The show is presented as a celebration of the everyday life of an artist, of the common places all artists travel through.

The celebration of the fear of failure.
The celebration of your father’s desired recognition.
The celebration of our little deaths.
The celebration of the greatest hits.
The celebration of unfulfilled desires.
The celebration of the found happiness.
The celebration of what you can not see.
The celebration of abandoning your comfort zone .
The celebration of the shared passion.

One-Hit Wonders includes fragments of the following works:

“D.V.A (Dudoso valor artístico)” 1999
“Bésame el cactus” 2000
“Paella Mixta” 2004
“El Llac de les Mosques” 2009
“Memòries d’una puça” 2012

A 60 minute show accompanied by Joan Manrique , actor, fakir and machinist, which can be performed both in very small spaces, where direct contact with the public is emphasized, as well as in medium size stages


  • Direction: Sol Picó and Ernesto Collado
  • Choreographer and dancer: Sol Picó 
  • Set design, actor:  Joan Manrique 
  • Light design:  Sylvia Kuchinow
  • Musical direction:  Mireia Tejero
  • Movement assistant: Cristina Facco
  • Costumes: Valeria Civil
  • Sound technician and road manager: Stéphane Carteaux
  • Photographer: rojobarcelona
  • Production, Manager, Diffusion: Pia Mazuela
  • Production and communication: Núria Aguiló
  • Thanks to: Eulàlia Bergadà Serra, Sabina Pérez García, Jordi Soler Company 
  • Coproducers: Sol Picó cia de danza, Temporada Alta 2014