• PREMIERE: October 16th 2020

  • VENUE: Paranymph UJI, Castelló de la Plana

  • KIND: Indoor Show

  • DURATION: Duration 60′

Malditas plumas explores the different episodes in the life of a character, performed by Sol Picó, on a journey that shifts between tenderness and decline. In this story, the audience learns about this vedette of El Paral·lel and shares her memories and experiences… But what if she never was a performer and this is only her dreams, her lifelong hopes, her unfulfilled desires? Perhaps all is merely delirium, which, although transporting us to a very specific place and time, also connects us with the most human and, therefore, universal of feelings: fear of death, of decline, of loss… of ceasing to be.

Inspired by the genre of the Spanish revue and its picaresque style, this show plays with transformation, audience interaction and the blurring between fiction and reality, always with the irony and sense of humour that characterise the language of Sol Picó.

Artistic file

  • Autor, direction and interpretation: Sol Picó
  • Direction assistance: Carme Portaceli
  • Music direction and composition: Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou (Telemann Rec.), Roger Julià
  • Music interpretation: Pere Jou/Roger Julià
  • Movement coach: Viviana Escalé
  • Texts: Cristina Morales, Francisco Casavella and Heinrich Böll
  • Dramaturgic adaptation: Cristina Morales
  • Artistic collaboration: Iniciativa Sexual Femenina
  • Puppet counseling: Andreu Martínez Costa, Alfred Casas
  • Costumes: Joan Miquel Reig
  • Set design and construction: Joan Manrique
  • Scene sculpture : Nico Nubiola
  • Light design: Sylvia Kuchinow
  • Sound: Stephane Carteaux
  • Magic artifact construction: Jordi Pau, Gastón la Torre
  • Production: Pía Mazuela, Núria Aguiló Sol
  • Production assistance: Elena Espejo
  • Photography: Erin Bassa
  • Distribution: Palosanto Projects
  • Special collaboration: Mag Lari

Coproduced by Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, festival dansa.Quinzena Metropolitana, Companyia Sol Picó


“Damn feathers has interaction with the public and many surprises (…). La Picó has presented one of the roundest (and most beautiful) shows that we have seen lately.”

“This Sol Picó show should be a season and be seen throughout Catalonia.”

– Oriol Puig Taulé, Núvol –

Pointe shoes, spagats and grand battements are classics of the house, while the long part of the word is a novelty. Picó has thrown himself completely into the pool of text and embroiders it.” – Clàudia Brufau, Recomana –

“A circus cabaret, evocative and delirious music, choreographies on the verge of the experimental and the grotesque, all in a magical and harsh space, a brutal collage to lead us into fragile and volatile forgetfulness, like the weight of a feather. “

– Adolfo Simón, Que Revienten Los Artistas