• PREMIERE: May 24th 2014

  • VENUE: Festival de Flamenc Empíric 2014, Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

  • KIND: Indoor Show

  • DURATION: Duration 45′

Nobody knows what it means as the title indicates. It is an anti-show; what you should never do on stage, ideas that are written down but never developed give way to utter absurdity…

A strange encounter between five people from different fields, Cancela Peña, La Shica, Sol Picó and the musicians Bernat Guardia and Dani Tejedor who are about to mess up their artistic career. The blind and the one-armed, everything fits but nothing clicks…

A 1-hour show in which theatrical and musical improvisation go hand in hand to fly right into chaos making the audience enjoy themselves while getting tangled up in the game.

This piece was performed for the first time at the Mercat de les Flors on 24 May 2014, within the program of the Festival de Flamenco Empírico 2014 (Festival of Empirical Flamenco 2014).


  • Direction: Sol Picó
  • Performers: Candela Penya, La Shica, Sol Picó
  • Musicians: Bernat Guardia, Dani Tejedor
  • Photography: Maud Sophie Andrieux
  • Manager and executive production: Pia Mazuela
  • Production and comunication: Núria Aguiló
  • Distribution: Pia Mazuela, Vicenç Mayans