Perseguint un somni chasing a dream
  • PREMIERE: November 12th 2015

  • VENUE: La Pedrera Barcelona

  • KIND: Indoor show

  • DURATION: Duration 60′

Sol Picó offers us an intimate talk, as if he were speaking to us from the sofa at home, about his 20 years of profession: fears, doubts, unspeakable failures, unrealized dreams…the procession goes on inside…

It will reveal how and when inspiration comes and what happens if it doesn’t!

She refreshes our memory through suggestive images of her beginnings and explains to us what a life dedicated to dance in body and soul means to her: being a woman, mother and artist, an explosive cocktail that must be prevented from exploding in hands.

Sacrifice and fun accompanied by an exceptional team for 20 years, who have accompanied her on tours of more than 30 countries and have experienced with her how her Mediterranean dance is lived in Beijing, Kinshasa or Paris.

She will speak and ask us questions because she is very interested in what we, the spectators of this world, think… are you ready?


  • Interpretation: Sol Picó
  • Production: Pia Mazuela, Núria Aguiló