• PREMIERE: February 4th 2016

  • VENUE: Artte Barcelona

  • KIND: Indoor Show

  • DURATION: Duration 45′

Meeting between two “scenic animals” each one in their field, for the first time together on a stage: Sol Picó and Marco Mezquida. A musical trip with synesthesia of movements and sounds.

They will tell us a love story, but you will have to use words to do it, only the language of music in the case of Mezquida and that of movement in the case of Sol Picó. Do not be surprised if you see her dancing on the tables or chairs, or if she suddenly climbs to the piano.

Blind date is a versatile and easy-to-assemble piece, adaptable to both indoor  and outdoor or non-standard spaces.

Sol Picó has been awarded, among others, with the National Dance Award 2016 and Marco Mezquida is one of the consolidated talents in music despite his youth. He has been awarded four times in a row as Musician of the Year by the ‘Association of Musicians of Jazz and Modern Music of Catalonia’ (2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015)


  • Direction: Sol Picó & Marco Mezquida
  • Dancer: Sol Picó
  • Sound and music: Marco Mezquida
  • Production: cia Sol Picó


“It is difficult to explain in words the emotions that music and dance produce in the spectators. Are

artistic manifestations that are enjoyed in an instant –or in a sequence of correlative moments that immediately melt between our fingers–, but that leave, to those who know how to open up expectantly, a trail of pleasant sensations that give happiness for a long time. If we add to the difficulty of capturing emotions the complex mixture of the two masteries put into play, the challenge is double because we are facing an unusual magical concoction. This is how I would define Blind Date, as a unique encounter, cooked up by two great artists, despite taking as a starting point the most common reference in the world: love.

What good changes of register, of diversity of tones, pepper the scenic dialogue.

What joy, how many thanks (the many “thank you” from you and the “many thanks” that we return to you) that this couple gives us. Sol Picó and Marco Mezquida know how to fill our heads and hearts with art. That is, of emotions, thoughts and laughter.” Mercè Borràs i Dòlera, Núvol.com