• PREMIERE: April 14th 2019

  • VENUE: València Dance Festival

  • KIND: Indoor Show

  • DURATION: Duration 60′

The dancer and choreographer Sol Picó reinterprets traditional Valencian folk culture through a journey that explores origins. The marked and powerful style, delivered by the band’s thirty musicians, evokes rice cultivation, marshlands, sunlight and Valencian festivals. The repertoire features influences ranging from Chimo Bayo to Vicent Andrés Estellés, including muixeranga (ancient street dance and human pyramid formations) filaetes (Moors and Christians festival parades) and trinquet (ratchet used to control the water flow of a river channel). Carles Dénia and Sol Picó make a special guest appearance.


  • Performers: Lorenza di Calogero, Alba Cerdeiriña Romero, Albert García Saurí, Rocío Gisbert Valor, Irene Maestre Serrano, Luis Martínez Gea, Rubén Peinado Tomás, Alicia Reig Jover
  • With  Banda Chapicó
  • Choreogrpaher and director: Sol Picó
  • Choreographic assistant: Carlos Fernández
  • Music: Jesús Salvador Chapi
  • Light design:  Ximo Rojo
  • Scenography: Joan Manrique
  • Costumes: Joan Miquel Reig
  • Image: Assad Kasab
  • Coordination assistant: María José Mora
  • Difussion: Sol Picó cia de dansa
  • Fotography: German Anton
  • Executive production   IVC: Leonardo Santos
  • Deputy direction of Performing Arts IVC: Roberto García
  • Thanks to: Josep Vicent Frechina, Vicent Baydal, Amàlia Garrigós, Adrià Gisbert, Faust, J.Pau i Tomàs Pau


“Picó’s work exudes the strength, color and magic of Valencian traditions.

In this unique adventure, the Valencian dancer and choreographer has had exceptional travel companions. First, the vibrant and descriptive music of the composer, Jesús Salvador Chapi, who performs live and under his baton the Chapicó Band, made up of 28 musicians, who are an active part of the show. They dance and move with great ease. The fragment in which the band plays a pasodoble with all its members lying on the ground is unforgettable. And the second success is the 8 magnificent dancers, with a great technical quality to which is added a strong scenic personality. · Carmen del Val, El País

“Dancers and musicians, an inseparable part of the show, generate a continuous effect of celebration, in the etymological sense of the word: crowded, frequented, massive -with entrances and exits on stage-, to meet often and give a sense of community to the party; while it is (re)linked, that is: invisible thread connections are created between all of them and the spectators. It does not matter if you know those traditions firsthand or not, that the ability to become an act of spiritual and earthly connection at the same time, transports anyone to their own references, as a shared experience of the human being.” eltemps.cat