Animal de sèquia by Sol Picó

“When they called me with the proposal to prepare a show in the Valencian Community, it was clear to me immediately: I want to talk about my land, the good and the bad. I don’t live it every day, but for 30 years I haven’t missed a single one: at Christmas and Reis, in the summers or on the day of the Glòria de casa meva in Alcoi. Every time I come I go through the same thing, moments that make me love this land with delirium and others that fill me with anger and helplessness. So the reason for making this show was to scratch a little more in the habits, customs and ways of doing things of this community. My intention is to use the roots, traditions and identity of the people of Valencia as an excuse and starting point to delve deeper into them, research, re-read and turn them around. It’s a game where the music performed by 30 Valencian musicians, the CHAPICÓ band, created for the occasion, also travels through different soundscapes, inspired now by a mystery in Elche, now in Ximo Bayo or in a procession. The 30 musicians do not only play, but also seek fusion with the dancers who as soon dance to techno music with a choreography inspired by Valencian folklore as they dance a destructured line of Moors and Christiansa. We don’t invent anything, we dance and share the spirit of a town that comes and goes, that rises from its ashes just as it falls hopelessly again.

The most important thing is that no one puts their foot in the ditch!!”

“Animal de sèquia”, a production of the ICV, has been seen in:

The show has received the following awards:

  • Valencian Performing Arts Award for best direction by Sol Picó
  • Prize of the Valencian Performing Arts for the best musical composition by the composer Jesús Salvador Chapi
  • Award of the Valencian Performing Arts for the best dancer for Lorenza di Calogero
  • Special mention of the Territorio Violeta festival